Planetary Chronology

from Geo- to Atmo-


Geo- and Atmo- must be understood as a continuous stack.

Geology and Atmosphere are processes that occur simultaneously at the scale of the particulate and the scale of the planet. This geo- is a multiplicity of interconnecting geos- geology, geography, geophysics, geopolitics, geofeminism. [1] Atmo- is the synthesis of all atmospheric scales: microscale, mesoscale, synoptic scale, and global scale. As apparently ephemeral as a cloud may seem [2], atmo- contains traces of every breath created here on Earth.

Drawing Geo- and Atmo- together requires the knitting together of multiple disciplines [3]; learning their strategies for collecting and analyzing evidence, and translating their data for optimal navigability. [4]

For our purpose, the stack becomes a section drawing, a slice of the earth.

This section is spatial, but also temporal, as it keeps the chronology of the planet.